Slabs & Timber Sawmills

Proud distributor of Vallee Forestry Equipment. 

The fully welded Vallee sawmills are far superior to other bolt-together mills on the market today. These mills are geared towards a serious hobbyist, homeowner, or light-duty commercial business at a very affordable price.

About Us

In 2019, I purchased a sawmill for myself to assist in building a camp. We needed to cut our own wood due to the increasing prices of wood products. After looking around at many mills, a Big Red XP made by Vallee Sawmills caught my eye due to its rugged build, simplicity of components used, long lasting honda engine, and ease of use. My family and I worked hands on, and loved running the mill. After purchasing the Big Red XP to cut out all of the wood for our camp, I had decided that I needed to become part of this team. We currently sell many mills per year, and have had excellent results with the products. As a proud distributor of Vallee Sawmills, we have the ability to sell, maintain, and repair if necessary. We look forward to many more years of business, and are always available to answer any questions!